Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Clean Living !

We've been full timing now for a while and we had a pleasant surprise the other day when Linda went for some blood work. Our friends recall what horrible headaches Linda was plagued with for quite a while. These occurred when we were in our sticks and bricks house, back in Woolrich, PA. The pressure in her head was intense and a battery of tests did not show any medical condition for which she could be treated. Since being on the road, she has felt great physically and hasn't had any of these headaches. Her cholesterol count had also been very high (252 in February 2007) and was being watched by her doctor. She didn't want to go on any medication and we added some vitamins, herbs and supplements to her daily regiment to try and help lower it. Recent blood work shows it has come down to 205....almost a 50 point drop !!! And she didn't even have to eat oatmeal to get that... While still higher than we'd like, her doctor was amazed at the reduction and told her "whatever she was keep doing it". Must be the fresh air, reduction in stress, laughter at my antics, occasional whoopin' in a game of Skip-Bo and loving our new life ! We're happy to oblige and keep "doin' it"....suits us just fine.

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