Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hitch Itch setting in...

We've been getting restless lately to hit the road. Our going to see the local sites probably escalated that since we had figured once we'd finish working this fall that we'd take in the local sites before moving on. Now we've done that so we're ready to move on to new adventures. It seems that the magical time period for "staying put" is two months.....we start getting beyond that and we start getting antsy to get going. It's been two and a half months here so "hitch itch" is setting in.
We had thought that we'd stay here till end of October but we're thinking that end of September will be long enough. Hollo-scream is at Busch Gardens from mid September till end of October and it's not something that either one of us feels we want to stay around for. In my area staffing is getting really tight and some days there aren't enough people to run my unit and it makes it very stressful to try and keep up with business when you don't have anybody to work. Then when there are young people scheduled they stand around and text on their cell phone or "disappear" for periods of time. Drives me crazy !
No definite places to go to come fall....we had made plans to go to the Oyster Fest in Urbanna, VA with my sister, mom, daughter and brother in law. Not sure with the rising cost of fuel if my sister is still coming down for that. The Oyster Fest takes place in early November and attracts thousands of people....crazy event ! Everything oysters !!
We're looking at locations for this fall and winter....south, for sure once the snow flys. Home for Thanksgiving and Christmas but then south for the early part of 2009. We'll keep you all posted.

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