Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

Both Linda and I had a very busy Memorial Day holiday. I worked at BG all weekend (8-10 hour shifts), filled in here at campground each morning cleaning the bathrooms and also cleaned the pool every morning. Linda worked at BG every day and had long days too. Not a very eventful holiday for us although we did get to have supper together Monday evening while I was working. Yesterday (Tuesday), Stephanie and Jessie came by and we went out to celebrate Steph's birthday over dinner. We had a good time and luckily Linda got done work in time to come home and see Steph.
The campground was packed all weekend....I saw lots of campfires when I would come home each night from work and people still sitting out and enjoying themselves. most people left on Monday for the drive home (wherever that might be). Lord help the people who had to drive on Rt 64 as it was a madhouse each afternoon when I had to go to work. I saw another accident that must have just happened as there were no emergency personnel on the scene yet but other cars had stopped to help. The car had gone through the end area of the guardrail and hit a tree. It looked like a pretty bad accident but I hope everyone was OK.
Last night it rained through the night and is dreary outside today. I cleaned the pool, weeded the flower beds and may have to mow this afternoon. Will see how dry it gets after lunch. Back to work tomorrow at BG....

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