Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Really "dismal"...

I had today off from my job at Busch Gardens and Linda didn't need to be into work, here at the office, until 10. She wanted to go to Wal-Mart and get some things so we went out the door to get in the car. We were hit with a stench as soon as we came out the door. It smelled like there was an electrical fire or something smoldering close by. We were concerned so we drove through the campground and stopped by a fellow workampers' rig to ask him if he might need to check things out in the campground. He said that the smell was coming from the Dismal Swamp fire. Made sense since we had encountered the same smell, at Busch Gardens, about a week ago and found out that the smoke had drifted up to the Williamsburg area.
As we drove out of the campground, there was a smoky haze in the air that just hung over everything and the stench was so unbearable that it made me feel like I wanted to hold my breath. We had the car windows down so the dogs could put their heads out the window but we could barely tolerate doing that. The news has had recent reports that the Dismal Swamp fire is mostly contained but apparently there is a lot of smoldering and the smoke is drifting into our area. It seems odd that something that is on the North Carolina/Virginia border could have such an impact on our area but it has. I feel sorry for anyone that suffers from respiratory problems on a day like this. Hopefully the fires will go out soon and no one will have to deal with this problem.

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