Thursday, May 22, 2008

A good time......

We had a delightful surprise this week when we heard from a fellow Excel owner that he and his wife would be coming to American Heritage park on Sunday and would stay for a few days. Tom is a contributor to the Excel discussion forum and someone that we have e-mailed over the last few months so we were pleased to hear that we would finally get to meet he and Donna. We went over Monday night for a cookout and had a great time, chatting with them about their travels thus far. They've been on the road for three years and have been to a lot of neat places. It seemed so good to socialize with another couple and just kick back, have a few drinks and good conversation. We hope to meet up with Tom and Donna down the road again.
I've picked up a new task here at the campground. I've been trained to take care of the swimming pool so each morning, at 6 a.m., I go up and vacuum it, check the chemical levels, back flush it (if needed)and make sure it's ready to go for the day. Takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to do it and I enjoy being out in the stillness of the morning, prior to going to my other job where it's so noisy and busy.
This morning I had a little helper when I was working on the pool. I opened up one of the skimmers, to check on whether it needed any more chlorine tablets and lo and behold there was a little frog. He popped out from under the pool ledge into the skimmer basket so I scooped him up and took him over to grass. He was just a little thing so I hope he didn't swallow much of the chlorinated water.
The sunlight was especially bright this morning as I was finishing the last leg of pulling the vacuum back and forth around the pool. The light created a prism effect in the water so it was hard to see the dirt on the bottom of the pool as I moved around the edge. Kind of the 60's, trippin' effect that made me a little dizzy. Got it all done though and walked back to the rig, while it was still quiet....serenaded the whole way by the song birds in the trees.
Last night Linda and I went to "Team Night" at Water Country....another Busch attraction just down the road from BG. This park is getting ready to open for the season so they had dinner, games, free t-shirt, etc. for team members who attended. There are some really neat water attractions there that would be wonderful on a hot summer day. The attraction I liked was a "Lazy River" type of attraction where you float on a raft in a continuously flowing river. The thing that was different about this one was that it flowed faster than others I've seen and the rafts could hold two people so it would be a fun way to spend a hot day with a friend or your spouse. They had a big wave pool, chutes and slides, etc. A lot of fun areas and one especially designed with little kids in mind...called "critter ______"(the name escapes me). All the slides, chutes, etc were shaped like animals. It was a cute area ! We had a good time, got lei'd in Hawaii fashion and came home around 7:00. Our timing was great as Tom stopped over, as we pulled in, to say goodbye. His shirt was a complimentary shade of purple to go with the lei Linda and I had received at the party so we gave them to him. Imagine Donna's surprise to see him when he arrived back at the rig to see that he'd gotten lei'd not once but twice while he'd been out. Lucky dog ....hahaha...See ya down the road, Tom and Donna !!

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