Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're in hot water....

Yesterday our hot water tank quit heating the water so Linda looked up the name of a guy that the folks around here have used and called him. I had today off, from BG, so I was home to wait for him to arrive. He got here around 2:00 p.m. and in short order he had figured out that the thermostat was shot in it, since it wouldn't work in either the propane or electric mode. It's a very small part...about the diameter of a quarter. Since we are still under our two year warranty, this will be covered by the factory. With most other manufacturers, they only have a 1 year warranty (or less) and this wouldn't have been covered but Peterson Industries covers everything, bumper to bumper for two years. I did get to try out the beautiful showers here, at the campground (pictures were posted in an earlier post) and enjoyed the massaging shower head.
After the repair guy left, I went to BG to get my paperwork for my new uniforms in the culinary dept. only to find that my supervisor hadn't left them for me. Tomorrow I work my usual shift in grounds ( 5 a.m. - 11 a.m.) and then I'll go back to get my paperwork, pick up the uniforms from costume dept., change and then go work for a while in my new area. Linda works tomorrow too at BG so we may ride together.
Weather here has been a little dicey the last week. You all probably saw on the news about the tornado that touched down in Suffolk, VA....that is about an hour from us. We got a lot of the same storms and had hard showers yesterday periodically throughout the day. In fact, I called Linda (she was here at the campground and I was getting ready to leave work at BG). The sun was out and it looked pretty decent at the park. She said it was raining horribly, at the campground, and to drive careful on the way home. Sure enough, I got within three miles of the campground exit and it was like driving into a wall of water. The wipers couldn't take it away fast enough. Traffic slowed down and I put my four way flashers on so I was sure that other cars would see me. It was pouring the whole way to the campground and I picked Linda up outside the rig and drove her up to the office since it was raining so hard. Part of that storm was a tornado that touched down in Fredericksburg, VA.... within 90 minutes of here. There is a chance for more bad storms in the next day or so. Hopefully tomorrow will stay dry until I get done with my grounds shift in the morning. I hate having to work in a raincoat and the pouring rain!

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