Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finishing up in Port Aransas


We had to drive over to Rockport this morning for several meetings and then hustle back across the ferry to move the rig to a new park. Checkout is 11:30 and we were only 45 minutes late getting off our site. Luckily the folks, who will be going onto our site, hadn't arrived yet. We had gotten the rig packed up before we left this morning so just had to disconnect our utilities, back out of our site and head two miles down the road. Here's the view from the top of our rig at the park we just left. Pretty park and nice to be so close to the beach if it wasn't so dang windy. The rig is covered with sand. My task for tomorrow is giving her a bath to get rid of the grit.

We are at our final park for this area. The other day when we were driving on the beach we saw these kites that IMG_0062 were tethered and blowing in the wind. Look at all the RV's in the background that are boondocking on the beach.









Here's the kite that was in the middle of that whole group that we thought was so cute.IMG_0068 Isn't it neat ? Just a puppy dog blowing in the wind...


We'll finish up this week and pull out on Friday to head to Lake Conroe. Tomorrow is the start of NASCAR...I hope the Daytona 500 is a little calmer than the Nationwide race was today. The wreck, at the end of that race, was pretty horrific, with 17 people (in the grandstand) getting injured. Hoping that all the spectators are ok...amazing that the driver that went into the fence walked away !

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Dave and Susie said...

Hi you two...daffodils are in full bloom here. The ladies were standing tall this morning. Every time I see them they just make me smile. I love your kite picture. People are so creative. When I was a kid I just loved to fly kites. It was a big thrill for me to do so. I remember one time I went through 3 balls of kite string getting a kite up. It was up so high you could hardly see it. Where are you going to be camped this year when you come here to work? We are looking forward to meeting up with you again. {{Hugs}} till then.