Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Great Numbers...

Linda got her numbers back from her bloodwork. She had two more tests than I did since she monitors her Lipo A and glucose. Both had been high when we had our last tests done. Here are the new results:

                                Before Whole 30                      After Whole 30

Cholesterol                      243                                          191

HDL                                 57                                             55

Triglycerides                  190                                            90

VLDL                              38                                             18

LDL                               148                                           118

Glucose                       102                                              92

Lipo(a)                          61                                               52

Wow, she dropped 52 points on her cholesterol (we stopped taking the red yeast rice pills while doing the whole 30 so this is all due to diet) !Glucose is in normal range and using the Iranian equation, that I talked about the other day in my post, her LDL is in an acceptable range. Pretty impressive stuff after just 30 days on the challenge.

We are still following it since we like the kinds of food we eat and seeing what reintroducing foods does. My body did not like the chocolate cake I had the other day. I got a searing headache and felt like crap. As good as it tasted when I ate it, I now know that gluten is a trigger and to either steer clear of it or be aware of the consequences. Our next test is non-gluten such as white rice, corn tortilla chips or non gluten bread. I think we'll opt for the corn tortilla chips and try those out on Friday night.

Calling for rain here tomorrow. My mom just called me and said that 1-2 feet of snow is headed towards Boston. Brace yourself, Becky ! You might have a day off from work on Friday. Hoping everyone is having a great week so far. Working towards the weekend and will be moving to our next park on Saturday.


Bobbie and Jim said...

Such great news!!! I bought the coconut oil, unsweetened coconut and mixed nuts. Could the negative reaction you got be from the chocolate and not the gluten in the cake?

Rene Griffith said...

Hi Two Lindas! It's Rene in Florida. Was just thinking of you and wondering where you now were. I'll have to read your cholesterol blog a bit more carefully since I just had my blood work done. Found out I'm vitamin D deficient! Doctor put me on 2000 units per day for two months and then get retested. Seems vitamin D is a very important vitamin and is difficult to get through food unless you eat a lot of dairy (which I don't). The sunshine obviously is not doing the trick for me.

Good to read you're on the road with a new camera! Will stay in touch. Rene

Dave and Susie said...

If you can find them you might want to try Beanito's Bean Chips made from Pinto beans and flax seed or Black beans. They are gluten free, corn free and non-GMO. I just love them.

Dave and Susie said...

Hi you two. You might want to try Beanito's Bean Chips, made from Pinto Beans with Flax seed or Black Beans. They are Gluten free, corn free and non-GMO. I just love them and don't eat corn chips anymore.