Sunday, March 10, 2013

Annual Company Meeting/Bandera

We spent last week at our company's annual meeting. A very busy time with sessions during the day and dinner/event in the evening. On Sunday, everyone that made the $100,000 club went to brunch at the local country club. Newbies to the club get their $100,000 club jacket and for those of us who already have one, we cheer for them. We had a great breakfast, with a made-to-order omelet station. After breakfast, we gathered outside for a group photo. On Monday night we had the awards dinner. Linda and I met the criteria for one of the new bonus programs so we got a certificate and bonus check for that. We also got a cute award for our making the $100,000 club. We sold $146,682 for close to making the $150,000 club. Over $40,000 was given out Monday night, in bonus money, to our reps. It was so much fun to see some of the new teams meet their goals and get big checks for their efforts. Our rep teams are so supportive of each other. To me, our annual meeting feels like a family reunion and the only time we get to see some of the other teams.Sometimes it can be pretty lonely out here, all year long, working on our accounts. When we all get together, the energy level is really high and we soak it all up for as long as we can before heading back out to do our work. The week goes by much too quickly. Thankfully we had planned on staying one day beyond the scheduled events to catch up with some of our friends. It still feels like we needed another day or two....there is so much information that comes out of our sessions that it takes a couple days to unwind and get ready to go back to work.

But back to work are in Bandera. It took us five hours to get from Montgomery to Bandera on Friday. We got set up at the campground and then went out to meet with our two parks to get paperwork signed. Tomorrow we are off and running to work these two parks.

Had some thunderstorms roll through last night but not much rain. This area is very, very dry. The river is really low and brown grass all over. It would take a pretty lengthy period of rain to get water levels back to where they should be. It's really sad to see.


Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Congrats on your sales for the years. You guys are hard at it for sure! Take care and I love reading your blog. rockin'

Movable Book Lady said...

Outstanding! And Congrats! Seems like y'all have found your calling.

Bobbie and Jim said...

So happy for you two on your accomplishments. Bravo!!!!

LiveWorkDream said...

Wooo hoo! Congrats! Hey by any chance do you know Larry & Nancy Chiuppi? We met them at Livingston and had a blast getting to know them.

Hope you're having fun in the Hill Country, we can't think of a better place to spend spring.