Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Big Move

We moved this morning, from Rockport over to Port Aransas. Not that far but we cross on the ferry. Linda drove the car separate from the ferry coming in rig and they put her on a different ferry from the one they put me on. Here I am waiting for the ferry to come in and be unloaded.



They asked me the height of the rig and the weight as I waited in line to be loaded. I knew both of those and something that's important that every RVer know about their rig. Nothing scarier than approaching an overpass with a height restriction posted on it and not knowing if you'll come through the other side with an unwanted skylight or if it will be clear sailing. They put me on the left side of the ferry, taking up both lanes so I was in the middle of the deck. I had shut the gas off, just in case that might be an issue. Once you're on board, you shut the engine off and wait till you get to the other side. I got out real quick (since it's not a very long ride to the other side) and snapped a couple pictures.

rig on ferry 2

It's a little scary the first time that you do it but after that it's no big deal. We arrived here at On The Beach and we're all set up for the next week. The final park (and move) will be about a mile down the road from here. Weather is beautiful today. Wind has a chill to it but very sunny. The sites in the area where we are are pull ins so you can face the beach. Here's the view from our front window.Not a bad view for the next week.....Close enough to walk out on the beach hear the surf.

Rig at on the beach

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