Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Week Thus Far...

On Tuesday night we had thunderstorms and massive downpours overnight, creating a night of little sleep. Boomer was a nervous wreck because it was so loud in the rig with the rain beating on the roof. I moved from the bed, to the couch, then back to bed with Boomer following me everywhere I went. His poor heart was beating so fast...he was petrified. Much needed rain for the area since Tom and Nancy had said that there hasn't been any rain since October. I'm sure the plants were very appreciative.

PC090003 We took Boomer to the dog park about a mile down the road from our resort. There are two sections to the park, one is a members only area and the other is open to the public. The members only side is an agility training park, with a large above ground pool for training dogs in distance jumping and all the typical props for agility competition. There were several people working with their dogs on the pool deck and it was so fun to watch. Wish I'd gotten some pictures to post here. Some of the dogs could really jump a long ways out over the water. Boomer did take advantage of a concrete pool area, just outside both dog parks. It was so hot and humid the day we went so he really enjoyed it. He just laid down in the water and soaked it all in.

Wednesday night we were supposed to go on a sunset cruise but the captain called in the morning and said he needed to reschedule us. I thought maybe it was due to the unsettled weather and the cold front passing through but that night we didn't have any bad weather at all. We're set to go next Wednesday...

Today we drove to Manatee park to check it out. We're planning on taking Becky on the 26th and wanted to see where we pick up thePC130010 kayaks. We didn't see any manatees today but we did see a dolphin right in front of where we were standing at the fishing pier. The manatees like to hang out in this area because there is a power plant that feeds the river with warm water. The temp of the river was 81 degrees today, whereas the ocean was 72. When the water reaches 68 the manatees face cold stress and need to get to warm water. So when the ocean temps cool down, they head for the warm inland rivers as a means of survival.



PC130009 PC130012

When we left Manatee Park, we took a drive to Pine Island. On one end of the island is Bokeelia, where there were beautiful, waterfrontPC130014 properties and on the other end of the island was St. James City. At the point, where you cross over onto the island, is the cute little village of Pine Island. There are brightly painted shops and businesses that make the whole area so cute. We just loved the whole area and the ocean views were amazing. So many of the streets, in all three towns, had inlets where people could dock there boats right at their back door. The neat thing about the island is that it's not densely populated. There are many nurseries for palm trees on the island, which makes a beautiful backdrop as we drove around and takes up much of the acreage on the island. We really liked the area and our afternoon ride around the island.

Tomorrow we're off to Fleamaster's flea market ! They advertise that they have 900 shops there so lots of walking is on tap for us. We have tickets to a dance on Saturday night and Sunday there is an open house, here at the resort, for a new art workshop that is opening. A house was put on a 35' x 45' lot and will now be a meeting place for art activities. We're looking forward to seeing it. Stay tuned....lots to see and do in the days ahead.

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