Saturday, December 15, 2012


PC150009 We've had folks ask about our site here and what it's like. The ladies in yellow house own the lot that we are on and have it available for rent for lady RVers. When the resort first opened, it was 2/3 lots for RV's and 1/3 lots for homes. The lots for RV are big enough for houses so many of the people who bought an RV lot originally ended up putting a house on it so the number of RV lots has been greatly reduced. PC150011 The house on the right of us is up for sale. These ladies also own an RV lot here in the resort that they just listed for sale. The clubhouse is quite large and has different activity rooms. Behind the clubhouse is a large pool and hot tub. Both overlook the lake which has a large fountain in the middle of it. It's really pretty at night because the fountain is lit up. The front entry gate is right behind our site so we are at the front of the park in a loop off of one of the streets. For our northern friends, I put a picture on facebook yesterday of our redneck lanai. We were sitting outside but about 2:00 pm each day the sun gets really hot and doesn't provide any shade on our patio so we decided to move indoors to our garage. To still enjoy the summer breeze, I unlatched the back door (ramp of the garage) so it was open partway. Down here, the screened in porches are called lanai (pronounced la-ni). We were able to enjoy the breeze and still had our TV in the I said a redneck lanai.

Yesterday we went to Fleamaster Flea market about 7 miles away. It boasts 900 booths there but it didn't seem all that huge. Most of the items are the types of things we have no interest in (glittery clothes, tourist t-shirts, junk stuff, etc.) but it was nice to walk around and look at things. We did stock up on veggies. Wow, they sure do grow 'em big in Florida. The avocados were the size of large softballs and the vendor said these were small ones. The lemons are 3x the size of the ones you usually get in the stores. We got zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, lemons, limes, avocado and onions for $7. Some good eating for the coming week....PC140001

In one area of the market, a vendor had hydroponic gardens for sale. They are about five tiers high and a drip line puts nutrient water into the top container and then it drips down to the one below it and so one. It was really cool but a little pricey. You buy the system and decide what plants you want to put in each tier. in one area, they had rows and rows of strawberry plants, growing like this, and it was a pick your own strawberry patch. They were all growing hydroponically and you just took a container and walked through the rows picking ripe berries. It was very cool !



I promised you a picture of the pool where the dogs practice jumping. Here it is...we took Boomer back yesterday PC140004 to play in the  off leash park and he also wanted to go swimming again in the fountains so I thought I'd grab a picture. No jumping dogs but you can see the platform where they jump from. Today we took Boomer to a vaccination clinic. just across the road at a grooming shop, and got his shots up to date. We wondered why any time we've wanted a vet to trim his nails or do anything, they had to give him a check-up first (which always adds a chunk of money to the cost of whatever you went in for). This vet told us that it's a federal regulation. Ok, now it makes sense. He gave us some advice about flea meds (the drops have no effect in Florida or most southern states) and said if Boomer needs any meds for the next year, to just call him and he can ship it to us.

Dance tonight at the clubhouse. Open House for the art house tomorrow....probably laundry day too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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