Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Week of Vacation







We arrived here late afternoon Saturday and it's been pretty busy since then. We walk for an hour each morning and try to walk again in the evening (just got back from doing that). We've tried our hand at pickleball and that was loads of fun....want to get back to doing that again. I'm trying to line up things to do while Becky is here and I've got all those things figured out. We went today for blood work at Lab Corp. They work in conjunction with Econo Labs so that people are able to get reduced cost blood tests done for tons of different health issues. I wanted to check to see if my thyroid is still running high so I ordered that test for $44 and Linda wanted to see how her Lipoprotein(a) is doing as compared to three years ago. Her test was $66.These prices are more than half of what they would normally be priced if paying out of pocket and since we have high deductibles, they would not be covered under our insurance anyway. The results get mailed or e-mailed to us in 24-48 hours. If my thyroid is still high, I guess I will go to a local clinic and get a prescription for the necessary meds to get it under control. For anyone that knows me, I don't like taking meds and it really burns me to have to do it. I've always been pretty healthy and don't take any prescriptions. Since I haven't been able to find any holistic way to bring it down, I will take meds. It would be foolish for me not to, since continued high levels can lead to heart issues or stroke. My mom had her thyroid out when she was in her thirties. She's never taken any medication for it since having it out;which seems really odd but apparently her body adapted to not having it. She said she thought that her grandmother or someone on her mom's side also had thyroid issues so perhaps its something hereditary. I have some other tests coming up on Monday so getting all our health stuff in order while we're in one place. Let me tell you that getting records forwarded and appts made when you are a full-time RVer is no small feat. I have spent two days making arrangements for one test. It's the one down side to moving so much and not having a primary care doctor.

We are staying at a women's resort in the Fort Myers area in Florida and it's so close to everything but also on a road that isn't crazy busy. The resort is set way back in; unseen from the main road and has a gated entrance. Everyone is decorating for Christmas and it's so much fun to walk at night so we can see all the houses lit up. A mile down the road we have an AMC theatre and the afternoon matinees are $5 per person (I couldn't believe it). We went this afternoon to see Lincoln. It was very good....a little long and dry in some places but moving. There's also an Applebee's in that same plaza. We had the 2 for $20 deal there the other night and it was yummy. We're only about 40 minutes from the beach, close to all sorts of things. There's a brand new Publix at the next intersection down the road from us so it's very handy to get groceries. The resort has so many activities scheduled every day that there is no reason to be bored while staying here. Tomorrow night we are going to meet with Linda's aunt and have dinner with her. Friday we're going to meet our friends Wendy and Cindy down in Tampa and have pizza at a really unique place (they make a crab, shrimp and feta pizza that sounds amazing), then take a two hour Segway tour of Tampa. The girls have done Segway tours before but Linda and I haven't but have been anxious to try it. Lots to do in the coming days...

Weather has been the 80's every day with a soft breeze. We took the bike out today and there was a little bit of rain while we were in the theatre so had to towel off the bike before driving home. We have to pinch ourselves to remember that it truly is December with temps like this. More later...

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