Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Cushions

While we were working in Mocksville, we called on an upholstery shop and asked if they could do anything about the horrible cushions we  have in our booth. The cushions hang way over the front edge, which pulls them off the seat, once you sit on them for a while. They also compress down to nothing and you might as well be sitting on a board as sit on them. We hate them and have from day one !

The ladies at Twins Upholstery were awesome to deal with. We took measurements and pictures of our current set-up and took the cushions to them. She said the poly foam that the manufacturer used in the cushions is about as cheap as you can get. She put in new #50 premium foam and cut the cushions (and fabric) back so as not to overhang so much.

You can't even tell that they've been cut down and resewn. They did a fabulous job and it is so much more comfortable to sit at. We use the booth a lot. We play cards at the table, I work on the laptop (like I am right now) and spend most of my time here. Before my back and butt would be killing me cause the foam was so horrible. And we felt they were really reasonable. Cost us $170 to get them both done. We didn't think about it but should have gotten some of that same new foam for our couch. It probably has the same cheap foam that the dinette had....we opened it up to look at it and the foam has tears in it already after just one year of use. Cheap crap ! So happy to have the dinette fixed. Highly recommend Twins Upholstery in Mocksville,NC if you need any type of slipcover or upholstery work done.


PC060002 BEFORE                               AFTER

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