Saturday, April 7, 2012

National Cowboy Museum

We left Lake Thunderbird State Park, in Norman, on Friday morning bound for McClain’s to get the parts put on and then on to Oklahoma City to our next park. Arrived at McClain’s and left the rig to get the new board put on the monitoring panel and the new turntable on the microwave. We went out to make sales calls while they worked on the rig. Around noon, we came back to check on the status of the repairs. They were all done so we headed out to get set up at the park. Seems so good to have the microwave working again and now we can assess all of our systems since they got the new board put in. Life is good with the rig right now.P4070010

P4070009 This morning we decided to go to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which is only a couple of miles from  the park. We’ve never been there before but have heard great things about it. Wow, what an awesome place. We spent about two hours there and could have spent even more time. Anything to do with cowboys, settling of the west, rodeo and art work is there. The place is huge, as are some of the sculptures. Linda is standing at the base of this sculpture, which is 18 feet tall. It’s massive but so expressive and has an amazing history. The piece stands in the main entry of the museum.

Not only are the exhibits neat (and I’m not a great fan of most museums), but the outside grounds are breathtaking. The azaleas (many different colors), hostas, waterfalls and flower beds were beautiful. Check out these pictures…

P4070008 P4070021
P4070022 P4070023
P4070027 P4070029
P4070030 P4070032
P4070033 P4070034

The on-premise restaurant is gearing up for tomorrow’s Easter brunch. We got to see the menu and it looked awesome (was making me hungry just reading it). Brunch is something like $21.98 per person and includes free admission into the museum. The restaurant and the large banquet room were being set up for what looked to be a very large turnout.

P4070012 P4070014
P4070011 P4070013

Inside the museum they have a replica of an old western town set up…19 full size buildings with many of them open so you can walk inside and check out what the schoolhouse or bank would look like. A really neat way to show kids what it was like in the old west.

P4070016 P4070017
P4070018 P4070019

This is a picture I took of the blackboard in the old school house. Do you think those two words that are missing from the Pledge of Allegiance are a result of modern day controversy, weren’t there in 1905 or someone snuck up there and erased them? Curious minds want to know.

Neat place with lots of things to check out…a good place to take the little buckaroos too. Tomorrow we’re thinking about going to the zoo. Last year, at this time, a baby elephant was born but we weren’t able to see her due to the bonding of mother and baby for several weeks after the birth. Malee will be one in another week and we want to see her. Hoping for a nice day so we can go. Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! More to come….

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Tom and Donna Clapham said...

Your taking back in time, again! My aunt and uncle used to live on Hoffman Rd. near the lake in a little 11,900 sq. ft. home!!! Wow! They have now down sized to a little 3700 sq.ft. home in Nichols Hills in OKC!

Y'all have a wonder Easter!

Dave and Susie said...

Happy Easter! The paintings you saw in the banquet hall were painted by a gentleman whos last name is Wilson. He lives in Arizona. All of the paintings, if you noticed, seem to be right at eye level of the horizon. His inspiration came from the cockpit of his plane as he looked out at the view while flying. I got to see him working on the Grand Canyon paintings while he was here in OKC getting ready to mount the paintings. It was awesome. I never imagined canvas that big. It was on rollers and while he worked the canvas would unroll at the top and roll up at the bottom, interesting process. I am so glad you got to visit the museum. Every year when I was in the child watching business, I took my kiddos (12 of them) to the museum. On year I gave them sketch books. It was interesting to see what they came up with. Have a great day!

Wayne said...

Actually, the two missing words weren't there in 1905. In fact, they weren't there in 1953 when I started 1st grade and had to memorize it. I had to relearn it when I went back to 2nd grade. Two extra words may not sound like much to learn, but for a 7 year old, I had to learn it all over again. lol