Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coast Is Clear….

Last night we unhooked from shore power and stowed the power cord. I don’t remember if I had mentioned in a previous post that last Tuesday we purchased a portable surge guard, while we were at Camping World waiting for our microwave to get checked out. A neighbor of ours, in the 30 amp section of the campground, told me that there is quite a bit of “dirty power” here in the park and that concerned me. We’ve been lucky for the five years we’ve been on the road but figured that since the converter was being replaced, that we want the best chance of keeping our electronic items intact. Hence, our purchase…and they were on sale at Camping World so it eased the bite a little bit. But, based on the article I posted last night,a lightening strike to the ground around us could still do damage so we disconnected from the pedestal, stowed the cord and went to bed.

I’d been watching the radar, before going to bed, and the advancing line of storms was a little ways off. Just a few minutes after going to bed, we heard a huge bang. Not talking about a “Clap” of thunder….this was very, very loud (if I can hear it through my mega-decibel ear plugs, it’s LOUD !) We both sat upright…as best you can in a loft style bedroom, without whacking your head. Whatever or wherever the sound came from, it was very close. There were other storms throughout the night, but none as loud as that one. This morning things calmed down. We had rain off and on today but nothing of any concern. We couldn’t believe the news about the tornados in the Arlington area. We worked a park there in December and that area is due south of us here. Wow, so scary ! Our companies headquarters is close to the area stricken today but everyone is ok. One of the employees apartment building lost its roof so he’ll have to find temporary housing for a while. Everyone was really lucky based on the videos of the damage in that area. Temps were in the 60’s today. Expected to warm up as the week wears on…Moving from here to Oklahoma City on Friday.

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