Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This and That…

It’s been a few days since I’ve put up a post. Vacation is over for us. We moved back to Arlington on Sunday. We left Livingston on Saturday and hung out with friends on New Years, part way to Arlington. On the way to their place, we could see how much the lakes have receded. Boats, in their dock cradles (don’t know what the official name is for the things that pull them up out of the water at the dock) were high and dry….a long way from being able to be launched in water. So sad to see how dry everything is. Had a nice time hanging out with them but Linda and I didn’t make it to midnight. Just a couple of old farts….made it to about 11 p.m. but then off to bed for us.
Boomers cone We’re back at it, trying to wrap up this job in Arlington. Still was hard to find people at work today….still  off from the holidays. Frustrating for us but not much we can do. While we were out today, we went to Petsmart and bought a “cone” for Boomer. Apparently he’s got allergies or scratched his eye and nose and he won’t leave it alone. It would just start to heal up and he’d scratch it again overnight and open the wound. Poor guy looks like he was in a bar room brawl ! He must feel so clumsy with it on his neck cause he keeps running into things. I’m sure it might be tough for him to get comfortable tonight and sleep but he needs to let his scrapes heal up. We’re putting antibiotic cream on it so in a couple of days he’ll be as good as new.
I replicated the cover that our friends Wendy and Cindy put around their water softener. Had to look in several stores before we finally found a pop up hamper with cover. Just cut holes in each side for the garden hoses to pass through and it’s good to go. The black material attracts the warmth of sun first thing in morning for those chilly overnights. The girls put a trouble light in the bottom of theirs if they need to generate a little warmth for those iffy nights when it might get chillier than we’re comfortable but not a horrendous freeze. Here’s a couple pics of what it looks like now. The lid zips on so it’s really handy to get in to check things or dismantle to move to a new location.

PC260006 PC260007
We got an e-mail from a friend of ours who just left for Hawaii on a business trip. He arrived and was at the Marine base, working out in the gym and President Obama was there working out. That would be kind of cool….to look over, while working out and see the President of our country on a piece of equipment next to you.
Speaking of light” moments…I heard on the news the other day that production of the incandescent bulb has ceased. Once the existing supply, in retail stores or warehouses around the world, runs out we won’t be able to buy a regular ‘ole light bulb anymore. They are energy hogs…better to buy a CFL. Wouldn’t Thomas Edison be sad to hear that his invention has outlived its usefulness?
Hope everyone had a great New Years eve and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.


BC said...

Poor Boomy!

Nan said...

dimunI think I would have run...fast!