Saturday, January 28, 2012

Final Thoughts & Sites on Port Aransas

P1250005 We went to the University of Texas Marine Institute the other day. It looks like it’s in a building that used to be a school building. It’s free to the public and there are some interesting exhibits. This one was really interesting. It’s sand samples from around the world. Each of the little white things you see in the picture is a label on the region where the sand came from. There was anotP1250006her case in addition to this one. Who would have thought that there were so many different types of sand. No two looked alike.
The wind has been crazy strong here lately. I had hoped to get up on the roof today to install the last fan cover and wash the salt residue off the rig, in preparation for us leaving tomorrow but with 25 m.p.h. winds….no way. The water from the hose would have come back, on the wind, to give me a bath. Miguel, the mobile RV detailer, was going to give our undercarriage a salt neutralizing treatment today but we had to reschedule it for tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be calmer tomorrow. P1280020 Look at the blowing sand in these pics ! Brave souls sitting on the beach. I was freezing walking around on the beach…don’t know how they could stand it.P1280018 That sand plow we watched the other day will have his work cut out for him because there were big sand drifts forming off on the side of the road.

We went out to eat at one of our advertisers’ restaurant the other night and was really thrilled to see them put their takeout food in compostable containers. Having been in the food business for 30+ years, I like to see new types of packaging. The larger takeout container wasn’t as rigid as a foam 3 section container but would work to get your food home in. I could see where it would compost right up…..I was able to squash it right up once it  was empty. Typically packaging costs are impacted by sharp increases in petroleum costs due to it being part of the manufacturing of containers. These containers are not oil based, which is really cool. Years ago these types of containers were really pricey to use in huge quantities like we used to use at the college. Hope the cost of them have come down to make them more affordable for wide scale use.
Leaving in the morning for Schertz, Texas. Our friends Bobbie and Jim will be working a gate guarding position within a couple hours of us. We’re hoping to stop and see them on our way to the park tomorrow. Love to intercept our friends on the road ! Took our final drive on the beach tonight….will miss having the beach close by. Will leave you with a picture of one of my favorite things to watch in the area….pelican. This guy was catching fish off the pier the other day and he was so much fun to watch. See the bulge in his gullet…that was lunch.
P1260009 P1260011


Donna aka Froggi said...

Please give BIG hugs to Bobbie & Jim when you see them. Been way too long..oh, and ask them to hug you gals back from us, too!

rose said...

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