Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lack of Humanity

Been a long day and I don’t mind telling you, I’m a bit weary. We had a great time at Pecan Park, in San Marcos, TX for our overnight stay. They had a hot tub (more like a tepid tub) and an indoor swimming pool with a waterfall spillway at one end. We had such a good time, relaxing in the tepid tub, letting the one good jet work the kinks out of our sore backs. Then we got in the pool and paddled around. Then back to the tepid tub, to realize yes it was a little warmer than the swimming pool. Slept like babies last night !
Got on the road at 8:45 this morning. We were going down the side street, leading out to the main road when we hear sirens and see lots of cop cars in front of us. An ambulance comes up this little road and pulls in front of us and parks right in the middle of the road. On our right is a shirtless man, covered in blood and holding a towel to his head. The paramedics rush to him and we squeeze around the ambulance, while hearing tree limbs screeching down the side of the rig. (I hate that sound !) Down the road, maybe a quarter of a mile, are five cop cars. They too did not practice courteous parking methods, respectful to passers by. Linda sees a guy, in the back seat of a police cruiser and another guy sitting at a picnic table in the front yard. Other police officers are seen inside the open front door of the house, milling around. Linda had heard something on the news about a shooting this morning. Was this where it had happened ? Sure was a lot of blood on the guy we saw. What over ? Humans being indifferent to each others’ needs. Violence taking its toll on someone’s family. How sad….
kitties We’d been driving for a couple hours when I needed to stop so I pulled off at a picnic area. I took Boomer outside and noticed two boxes along the side of the road. I thought it odd that there was a 20# bag of cat food and two gallon jugs of water sitting near these boxes. I put Boomer in the house and went to check out the boxes. Approaching the boxes gave me the same feeling I get when I come up on a wreck and look in the wrecked car to help those who wrecked. I really was hoping there wasn’t an illegal alien in those boxes or a child….oh my. There were air holes cut in the tops of each box so I figured that some living breathing “thing”, was or had been in there. Was there still something in there? I leaned down and peaked in and two sets of eyes looked out of each box. Four black cats in total. kitty Who could be so heartless as to leave these four kitties out here ? Linda and I were sick over it. She took our tablet and started calling SPCA’s and shelters, from  San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Answering machines or overflowing facilities….No one would come get them and no place to take them. I spoke to one woman who only takes in stray dogs or puppies and she didn’t have any answers for me. The kitties didn’t have any more water left. Someone had left them two jugs with slits cut in them, sitting in aluminum pans. Our water level, in the rig, was below the level where the water pump would work since we don’t like to travel with the weight of a lot of extra water. I filled a water pitcher with water, from the low drain valve and filled their pans. One kitty came out and drank and drank. I took some of the cat food and put it inside the boxes, as they acted really skittish and only one would venture out to the edge of the box. A couple of the kitties ate the food. Adopting four cats wasn’t a possibility for us since I’m allergic to them and we already have Boomer. We pulled out of the picnic area, with heavy hearts and tears streaming down our faces. Linda took a black marker and wrote on the boxes for someone to please adopt them. We hope that they find great homes and make out ok. It made for a really sad ride to Port Aransas.
ferry 2 We took the ferry over to Port Aransas. What a slick operation. The deck hands guided us onto the ferry and told us when to crossingdepart. It’s a short ride….you can see the far shore from where you sit at the first shore. The smell of the ocean air, blowing through the rig’s windows, was heavenly. It only took a few minutes to cross over and get unloaded.
We arrived here around 2:15. Temps were in the 70’s….still 68 degrees out tonight. Great breezes, blue water….blue skies. Our site is about 100 yards from the hot tub…..I’m headed over there as soon as I post this to find out if it’s truly “hot” or if it too is tepid. I’ll let you know next time around.


Donna B. McNicol said...

So very, very you, I hope someone adopts the kittens. Sigh...

Jim and Bobbie said...

So sad about the kittens. You did what you could.