Friday, January 13, 2012

The Beach

Finished up a busy day with a meeting with one of the campground owners. Since his park is on the beach, we drove down to the beach to check it out. We’ve never been to a beach before that you could drive on…it was pretty neat. Sunny day today, with temps close to 60 and just a slight breeze (an oddity for here). We parked on the beach and took Boomer for a walk. He had a ball, running around. You could tell that he was really happy, he was running as best he could out to the end of his leash and around in figure eights. As we drove down the beach, there were a number of campers set up. Wow, talk about the ultimate boondocking location. The sound of the surf would lull you to sleep and you’d get to see the sunset over the water. Apparently they know how far high tide comes in, so they aren’t set up in harm’s way.
I had a meeting today with one of the advertiser’s who is an RV detailer and we were discussing the salt spray’s affect on the rigs. He said he’s heard, from the RV’ers that it’s the worst here of any place in the US. He’s developed a special spray-on protectant that the full time residents, in this park, have him put on about every six months. It clings to the frame and is a rust inhibitor. He has a salt neutralizer that he said he can put on our undercarriage, for $25, before we leave to combat the affect of the salt spray while we’ve been here. We’re going to run our car through local car washes every week to keep up with keeping the spray off since it’s already got a lot of rust underneath. We don’t need an accelerator on that process!

This is the beach access for the park where we are staying. One of the neat things about Port Aransas is that golf carts are licensed and can be driven on the road, down to a road called “beach access road 1….the entry point to drive onto the beach. This road is where one of the RV parks, we are working, is located. RV’ers here can park their car throughout their stay and drive a golf cart to town to shop or dine and use it on the beach. The park where we are staying cannot have rental golf carts in the park. They can own a golf cart but cannot rent one. Carts cannot be driven on the road here, since it sits further down the coast from town. As you can see in this picture, they have driven their carts from the park onto the beach but I’m wondering if they can just drive down the beach to the access road and then go into town (as long as their cart is licensed). There were golf carts all over the beach and I can only imagine how crazy the beach is in the summer when it’s crowded. You’d need a traffic cop directing cart and car traffic on the beach to keep people safe.
Supposed to be a nice weekend. We’re anxious to get the trike out and go riding. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend doing what you love to do !

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Great post...very informative. Miss you guys. Will be in the San Antonio area about January 28th.