Monday, June 27, 2011


We left Holbrook, AZ on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. and made a beeline for South Fork, Colorado. We were anxious to get up here to see our friends Bobbie and Jim so pee and gas stops were our only diversion...we got here around 6:00. Really pretty area....surrounded by mountains and clear mountain streams that are running pretty full from the snow melt. The evenings have gotten into the high 30's overnight so by morning I'm reachin' for another blanket on the bed or cranking the electric mattress pad up a notch...Brrrr...that compared to nights in the 70's in Holbrook. Daytime temps have been really nice....low 80's, high 70's. Loving it !

On the Friday before we left Arizona our water pressure started acting up. I went out and messed around, checking things but couldn't figure out what was going on. Since it was late in the day, I figured once I got up here I'd deal with it. Arrived here and same thing; turn on faucet. Water pressure ok for first second, then down to a trickle. Hmmm...Jim stopped down and couldn't resolve it between the two of us so they gave us name of mobile tech in area. We figure in meantime we could fill the fresh water tank and run the water pump to use that till he comes by. Well, that didn't work either. Turn the pump on and it blew water right out the city inlet. Now we were really perplexed. Matt, the tech came by this afternoon and turns out it was what Jim and I figured it to be....check valve on city inlet. When we had taken the three screws out to pull the check valve out, it wouldn't budge. It did the same thing with the tech so he's dismantling everything to try and figure out how to get access to backside of inlet. Finally he tries pulling again on inlet and it comes out. It had been getting hung up on the crimped thing on the water line....catching on side of opening. Duh !! Thank goodness he was really fair about his billing as it was a 5 minute job (that I could have done) that turned into an hour one, due to refastening, re-caulking, etc. I got a good re-caulking job out of it though on three different areas of the rig. Oh, the things we learn on this RV'ing adventure of ours ! Tis nice to have running water again although the showers here at Moon Valley are pretty awesome !

We are only 2 miles from Bobbie and Jim's campground so Moon Valley is really convenient for us to skip up to see them. We watched the race together yesterday and hope to have some outings in the coming week that we are here.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

So good to have you up here with us.