Thursday, June 16, 2011


Been really hot this week. I was mistaken when  I reported on Facebook that it was triple digits all this week. That is in a different area than here. We've only been in the 90's. When I go out to make sales calls, some of the restaurants and stores are so hot inside...I leave there sweating and run to the truck and the air. Linda keeps the truck running so she and Boomer are comfy and I get in and try to cool off a little before I go to the next stop.

Yesterday we had to call on businesses in the Snowflake, Show Low and Pine Top area. What a difference ! Show Low is GREEN...even has trees and grass. Really cute town. As we drove up the mountain to Pine Top, we got a whiff of smoke and in a large parking lot, there were insurance companies set up processing claims. This is the closest we've gotten to the Wallow fire area but from the smell of that smoke, I wouldn't want to be any nearer. Kind of scary ! The Eager/Springerville area is where the evacuations took place. The residents have now been allowed to return home. The residents in the Show Low area had home-made signs out along the road, saying things like "Save Our Mountain !"

Today was all about sending out lots of e-mails, phone calls and follow ups. We're anxious to wrap up this job and head to South Fork to relax and hang out with our friends, Bobbie and Jim. Need some time off...


Movable Book Lady said...

I was at Chuck's in Eagar until early April. The fire stopped 1/4 mile from his house. He's in El Paso till the smoke lifts.

Jim and Bobbie said...

Hurry on up, we're waiting for you.
Jim and Bobbie