Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Day in Winston Salem

Holy smokes, it was hot today. At one point, the online weather site said that it was 91 here but it felt like 97. And talk about humid ?!?!? We slept in till around 9 this morning...both of us were exhausted from not sleeping well the last couple of nights. We didn't even have any phone calls come in this morning to wake us up...that was nice. Around 11 we went out to get some breakfast. We went to Billy Bob's Silver Diner, just a couple miles away.
I love the look of stainless steel diners....all shiny and sleek and a reminder of the type of diners that many of us grew up with. The inside was likewise as nice. Red vinyl booths with lots of pink neon around the perimeter of the room. Loads of memorabilia on the walls...above our table, on the wall, was a gold plated record of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap's "Young Girl". I loved listening to that song as a kid growing up.

For breakfast, Linda and I had the cinnamon swirl french toast which included a dish of fresh fruit (cut up melon, pineapple, etc). The french toast was ok...we prefer ours to be more moist, soaked in more batter, and not the dry type of french toast. It was a fun place to eat and perhaps we'll go back at another time to try some other dishes.

We did some other errands, which took us to the Hanes Mall, only about two miles from us. Since we had frozen food in the car (and it was so beastly hot out) we just ran in and got what we wanted and didn't linger but it looks like a really neat mall to go back and investigate. It's two levels and you go in on the upper floor. It's a good place to go window shopping on a hot and humid day :)

Tonight we went out to the rig, in the parking lot out back, and we turned the rig around so we can get out with it in the morning. I called the RV garage, about 22 miles from here, and made an appointment to get our problem areas worked on. This garage is accustomed to working with service contracts so hopefully a couple of things might be covered under our contract. They said the air conditioner might still be under warranty. We'll see how it all works out. It will be nice to get everything fixed so we can go camping. Once we drop the rig off, we really don't have anything else scheduled for tomorrow so who knows what mischief we'll get into.

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