Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Day...

Wow, it was a busy day at work. We rented seven storage units today...a personal best for Linda and I. A usual amount would be two to three on average so seven is awesome. One guy, that rented from us today, had been in yesterday to look at units and get pricing. When he came in today he said that I had been right about having the cheapest prices and cleanest facility. Linda was in the middle of going over the paperwork with another new tenant so I went out to the dock with him so he could start unloading his items. We got to talking about stuff....he is a musician and I told him that we are full-time RV'ers. Then explained workamping to him (that took several explanations as he didn't quite understand it). I then told him that we were temporary at that location and that bit of info he wasn't pleased at all to learn....he said, "You mean you might not be here the next time I come in". He joked that this detail almost was enough to make him back out but he was kidding. It's neat to create a relationship with our customers and have them happy to see us when they come in. We've tried to get all the stats for this facility up for the new manager so she'll have a good start on her job here. It is looking like Tuesday, at the latest, will be our last day here. We will have one day of overlap with the new manager once she finishes her training. She has previous experience in this business so she may finish her training on Friday which would make Saturday our last day here. Either way you slice it, we have just a few days to go.

In other news, we received, in the mail today, the Winegard Wingman that I ordered for our antennae. It's a little side antennae that snaps on, to supposedly get better reception. I had read about it on the Excel forum so that we'd give it a try. It takes about 2 minutes to install....just snaps on with four plastic rivets that replace the four bumpers on the underside of the antennae. Rescanned for channels on our tuner and SHA-ZAM !! 10 additional stations that we couldn't get before and several of them are the major networks (FOX, CBS) Yippee !! Tonight we're watching Bones...haven't seen that in quite a while. Seems so great to get more major programming than just hispanic channels or TV evangelists. Wow, well worth the $31.95 we paid on E-bay. It gets my thumbs up !!

We are off work tomorrow so thinking we might head down to Linda's brother's house, an hour away, and hang out by the pool....and relax.

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