Monday, June 2, 2014

It’s A New Day….

We awoke to a beautiful day, here at Cherry Creek State Park, in Aurora, CO.Cherry Creek State park Linda and I took our morning coffee outside to enjoy in the cool temps. Our site is very nice, siting on top of Good Rush Loop, where we can overlook many of the sites that sit lower in the loop. Boomer has been enjoying being outside, hanging out on the patio or laying in the gravel. He’s such a mellow dog and that is probably due to him being 14, although you wouldn’t know he’s that old except for the gray on his face. There are two big, black and white birds that must have a nest in the tree next to our site and they must view Boomer as a threat to their babies. He’s trying to be a good neighbor but one will sneak up behind him Boomer and the birdand peck his tail, when he’s laying outside the rig. Once the bird has done that, Boomer will take a little hop toward the bird and it will retreat. This bird will do that even when we are sitting out there within 6’ of this bird. It’s kind of funny to watch but I think Boomer is growing weary of it. Maybe the bird thinks that Boomer is his big brother (they do have the same coloring) and just wants to play.
We were able to check in here yesterday, around mid-day, after spending Saturday night at the Flying J, just down the road from here. We were actually parked next to another couple, who is a few sites from us here, who were also waiting to come to Cherry Creek. Our reservations have us leaving on Friday morning but since my surgery is Friday, the campground manager has agreed to let us move to an overflow spot on Friday. We’ll have to check out on Saturday and I’m hoping that I feel well enough to travel so that we can start the drive back home. If we have to hang around for a few more days, for post-op, we’ll have to find another campground in the area. We’ll see what Friday’s surgery entails and go from there.
I’m trying to stay positive and upbeat for my surgery but we had some terrible newsjoel and jay yesterday and it’s been really hard to deal with. My daughter and son have been taking turns, going to be with their dad, who had triple bypass surgery back in PA. Becky spent the initial week with Joel during his surgery and hospital stay. Jay spent this past week with his dad and early Sunday morning Joel had to go back to the hospital and something went horribly wrong and they couldn’t stop or reverse it. Jay called me around 3 a.m. to say that his dad had passed away. It was a horrible shock when he seemed to be well on his way to recovery. Jay and his older sister Liz (from Joel’s previous marriage) got to be with Joel when he passed. He was so loved by all five of his kids as they have traveled to spend time with him during this whole ordeal. Joel adored all of his kids and his grandkids and has left a really big void in their lives with his passing.
Joel was very involved in the Sayre/Waverly business community, serving on many boards and felt very strongly about giving back and helping others. Joel spent his life in TV and radio and retirement did not slow him down at all with all of the charitable work that he did. Here is one of this morning’s front page articles that appeared in a paper back home, that goes into more detail about his work with the community. Joel played Santa for many years in Sayre, with his natural white beard and jovial manner. Joel and I  have been good friends over the years, since our divorce, and Joel has always been a part of our family’s holiday functions. I feel very conflicted about being so far from home during this tough time in my kids’ life but they have told me that I need to focus on my health as well and that I need to take care of myself. I know they will get through this but it’s tough for all of us nevertheless. Please keep them in your prayers as they go through this really tough time. I know he is still very much with us in spirit and always will be. Rest in peace Joel….you were loved and will be missed.


Movable Book Lady said...

Things do seem to come in bunches, don't they? Sorry for your family's loss, but I do think your health has to come first. And I'm holding good hope that all will be well.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and that of all of his children. I'm especially sorry it came at a time that is already difficult and stressful for you and wish you the very best. FYI, Boomer's not so much buddies are Magpies.

Tom and Donna Clapham said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. It comes at a tough time. We wish you all the best and pray all will be well. Thinking of you guys a lot. Tom and Donna

Yarntangler said...

Linda we were sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad his children had such a good relationship with their Dad and that you were able to remain friends.

Now it is time to fix your energy on getting well yourself. Our prayers are with you.
Marcie and Jim