Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Parks Left to Go

We finished up the two parks, here in Holbrook, and will be heading out in the morning. We have two parks left in our schedule, before we head back east to visit family and I head to my internship. Both of our remaining parks are in Colorado...first Brighton (outside of Denver) and then most of June will be spent in Breckenridge.

Holbrook 2 The weather today has been awesome. I got the laundry done after our final meetings with the parks and Linda is finishing up the paperwork, which we call "packaging the job". We'll finish that up over the weekend and mail it off to the office. Tonight we're going to go to one of our advertisers for supper because we heard that they have an awesome fish fry. Yum ! We shall see how good it is. We're thinking of riding the bike but there's a huge black cloud overhead. Update: We went to dinner...this area is so unique in regards to weather. Look how menacing that sky looks but chances are we won't see a drop of rain. The black clouds will gather overhead, with tentacles that come down and touch the ground. It's so cool looking but sort of scary too. Bike in Holbrook We did ride the bike and came out to find it sitting under one of those black clouds(but no rain). The fish fry was really good. We got 4 large pieces of fish, fries and cole slaw for $8.99 and brought back almost half of our dinner. Will be great for lunch tomorrow while we make our way to Santa Fe.

We came out of the Hopi Travel Plaza (where we had supper) and Linda found herself in the clutches of two resident dinosaurs that were lurking out back. She ran for her life back to the bike and we made a quick getaway.

 Grammy being chased by dinosaurs

By the way, I've always wondered why Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time.While in the travel plaza and scoping out a gift shop, there was plaque on the wall that said the Native Americans say, Leave it to the government to think that if you cut a foot off one end of a blanket and sew it on the other end of the blanket, that you'll have a longer blanket. Hmmm...I kind of understand the logic behind that but man oh man, it gets daylight here at 5:30 and dark by 7....Those aren't banker hours that you'd need to work to get your day in....more like the hours my grandmother kept. She was usually up around 4:30 or 5 and in bed right after the national news. And then, like tomorrow, the minute we drive 45 minutes east and get into New Mexico, we've lost an hour. So off we go in the to hit the open road.

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