Sunday, January 13, 2013

Outlaw Lover

The nice thing about I-10, across Florida, is that there are rest areas about every 30 or 40 miles. Yesterday, at lunchtime, we pulled off at a rest area to have some lunch. As Linda went out the back door, with Boomer, she was approached by a woman who was in the Class C next to us. She, her husband and four daughters are from Canada and have been traveling throughout the US for the last several months. They have a thirty some foot Class C that they are traveling in and towing their car. She said they didn't have enough room and she had just found the Damon Outlaw (like ours) on-line the previous evening and wondered where she could see one. Along came us to park right next to them.

She came into the rig and had a ton of questions for us. Typically we wouldn't put the slide out at a rest area but we put it out so she could see the amount of space. Linda asked her several times if she wanted to go over and get her husband so he could see the inside. She said, "No, if I like it that's all that matters." I guess it's a "Happy Wife, Happy Life" sort of thing.

I told her about the two new models that are coming out for the Outlaw, which actually have room for more to sleep than ours does.

The new models have an optional patio rail for the ramp....something that might be perfect for a family like theirs. The new model also has the drop down bed over the front seats, like the older Simba motorhome used to have. She was so excited to see one an Outlaw in person and get to check out the storage capacity. She said that if they were to buy something here, they'd have 60 days and then they'd have to be back in Canada to register it and get it inspected. They can only stay in the US for 6 months and then they need to return.

I gave her the link for the irv2 forum, where several Outlaw owners are great about sharing tips and modifications that they've done to their Outlaws. Several have created the patio effect on their own and put a screen across the back so the bugs can't get in. What a sweet set-up, backed up to a pretty stream or body of water. It makes for an extension to your living area.

Encounters like this are neat and a great break in our day. We're happy to share our experiences with others and provide resources for them. What great memories they are making with their daughters...on the road, Livin' The Dream and exploring this great country.

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