Sunday, January 6, 2013

Before the big game.....

P1060004 I thought we were going to miss all the craziness, coming through Miami, driving today but no cigar. For those of you who aren't into football, tomorrow is the super bowl of sorts for college football and it's being played in Miami. We've never driven through Miami before and all the high rise skyscrapers were pretty impressive. The whole skyline was filled with them. Oh, and the traffic was horrendous. Maybe it's this way on a normal day but it seemed to take forever to get through the stoplights on 1-North and make our way to 95-North. Was sure happy to see the interstate !

We have stopped for the night at a rest area in Fort Pierce. We are headed to the Orlando area to get some routine service done on our rig and then mosey towards Alabama. I'm sure we'll have the crimson tide pushing us along but hopefully they'll get home before we are headed their way.











Was neat to see Miami...I'll think fondly of it when I watch CSI-Miami next time but I think in the future I'll take the toll road and bypass all the city lights and traffic. Sure enjoyed our time at Jolly Roger RV Park, in Marathon, Florida. Nice facilities, beautiful waterfront area and super nice people. And if you have Passport America, you get 1/2 off their regular rate for 5 days. They had just opened up a new area in the park for Passport America rigs and the sites were decent size, grassy and easy to get into. Would certainly stay there again if we go back to the Keys. On our way off the Keys, we took in all the water views our brain could hold. Gonna miss that....haven't seen water quite that beautiful before.

Will head out in the morning and head north a little bit. Keep moseying down the road....

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