Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hanging Around the Plantation...

We arrived in Summerdale, AL this afternoon at Rainbow of the Escapee parks. We love this park and the area. Driving through Robertsdale, on the way here, gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling like when you go home. I think it's because the sites are big enough that you have room to stretch out and not be on top of your neighbor. We were hoping the Blue Angels were in Pensacola, doing their winter practice, but they are in California. Last time we were here our friends Vicki and Bob took us to see the Blue Angels and then we ate at Sonny's BBQ. A great time with great people !

P1110005 To catch you up on how our rig repair went, they figured out that we had a bad compressor. Luckily, they had the right one in stock and they put a new one in and we were on the road at 12:30 p.m. Thank goodness it was under warranty cause it was $563 just in parts cost to fix it. Once again we have cold air...yippee ! We left Orlando and headed east to get on I-95. We drove to the rest area near Mims and stopped for the night. In walking around the parking area, we discovered that there was a lower lot that only had one truck in it. I walked from the lower lot back up to the top lot and discovered this sweet parking spot near the picnic area. Big enough for us but no other trucks which meant a quiet night of sleeping ! It was wonderful. A great place to boondock for the night if you're traveling north on I-95.

Yesterday we got on the road and took I-95 to 40 and took that west to I-75. That was a really nice drive....not congested but like a drive through the countryside. Trader Joe's opened a new store, a few weeks ago, in Gainesville and when I googled a satellite version of it, it looked like we could park the rig there. Sure enough, we got there and found a place for the rig. It's a large parking lot with stores around the perimeter of the lot. Picked up a bunch of stuff we needed from there for our Whole 30 challenge and hit the road. The other cool thing, for our RV friends out there is that it's within .5 mile of the interstate. If you're going north on I-75 and exit, don't let your GPS tell you the store is on the's not. It's on the left, just past the Publix plaza. Stocked up on 3 buck chuck (wine) for after our Whole 30 challenge...gotta celebrate dontcha know.

Ok, fast forward....we've arrived in Summerdale. Temps are expected to be in the high 60's and 70's. Slight chance of rain in the next couple of days. The trike is unloaded and we hope to get some riding in. We've paid for a week but might stay right up until we need to leave for work in Texas. That's the other awesome thing about this place. You don't have to give a definite date when you want to leave. It's a first in - first out park so worst case, you stay in the boondock area for a night till a spot opens up. We're here for at least a week...It's all good.....

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LiveWorkDream said...

You fit in a TJ's parking lot? WOW. Every one we've ever been to is in the tiniest of spaces, even our truck had a hard time squeezing in. I'm jealous!

Have fun at the SKP park, I'm looking forward to hearing more about it, we've never been there.