Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Things

PB030024 I haven't posted lately because we've been visiting family in Virginia Beach and let me tell you....a 5 year old has an abundance of energy that we are not accustomed to ! Teagan, Linda's grandson, stayed from Saturday night through Monday night with us at the campground. Sadly the weather has not been stellar during this time so most of our time was spent indoors. That provided lots of time to color, play skipbo, read books and watch cartoons.

   Our campsite is right across from the boardwalk that goes over to the beach so Grammy, Teagan and Boomer got to check out the beach. Teagan is Boomer's buddy when he comes to visit...they really enjoy each other's company.

On Saturday, all of Linda's kids came to our site for a campfire and food. It was very chilly so a hot fire was a necessity to endure the temps.




We had a busy day yesterday. Since Linda and I now have health insurance again, we were able to get our annual check-ups. A provision of health care reform is that all policies have to provide for annual wellness exams and it doesn't count against our deductible (which is high for us since we wanted catastrophic coverage). We went to a local walk-in clinic and got everything done. Tomorrow we'll get our mammograms done. We got a call today with the bloodwork outcome and both Linda and I need to revamp our diet a bit (cholesterol is a little high for both of us and my thyroid levels are too high).

PB060036 After we left the clinic we went to Sam's Club to get a new mattress. The one that came with the rig has been horrible on our backs so I've been researching memory foam mattresses to buy. I had one all decided on but realized, at the store, that the one we wanted is no longer sold "boxed up". It's sold flat and we felt it would be really difficult to get into the loft and set up so we picked a gel foam mattress that is a higher quality one. It has a 20 year warranty (vs 10 years for the memory foam one).

It comes boxed and on a plastic dolly so it wheels right out to the car and is easy to move around. It fit nicely in our SUV and we got it back to the campsite. I got the old mattress out of the loft and it's currently on the pull out sofa in the living room. We're trying to figure out what to do with it since it's only a year old and in great shape. It would be a whole lot better alternative on the pull out sofa instead of the air mattress (wow, is that uncomfortable and cold to sleep on)but not sure that we have room to haul it around.

We pulled the new mattress out of the box and got it into the rig and up into the loft without any arguing or anything. Linda was convinced,PB060038 as we stood at Sam's Club debating which mattress to buy, that the whole ordeal of getting the old mattress down and the new one up would result in a major "discussion" but heck it happened so smoothly and quickly that there wasn't time for a discussion. I positioned it in the middle of the loft....cut the outer sleeve and then the plastic shrink wrap around the mattress. The instructions said that it can take as much as 72 hours for it to fully assume its shape and size but you can sleep on it in the meantime. The mattress is 10" thick, which is 3" taller than our other one but still not an issue for those midnight bathroom trips. Man, is it comfy ! Your body settles into a cushioned cradle of softness....We slept really great last night and woke with none of the aches or pains that I have had with the old one. We are very pleased with our choice and look forward to many restful nights ahead.


  I also got a new phone yesterday. I've had the same basic phone for a couple of years now but with some of the new features and products that our business offers, I needed a smart phone to be able to demonstrate them. I researched different ones and got the Droid Razr Maxx. It's about twice the size of my old phone but has alot of neat features (that I'm still trying to learn about). Linda managed to create a three way call today between the mammogram receptionist and my mom without even trying...LOL  New things to learn about and get used to.


Dave and Susie said...

Doesn't your garage have a platform that lets down from the top that you could store the mattress on? That way you could use it. Sounds like you two are having lots of fun.

Bobbie and Jim said...

Mattress looks very comfy.