Friday, November 23, 2012

Catching Up...

With Thanksgiving being on Thursday, we needed to get our work time put in early in the week so as not to lose much time. On Wednesday we met up with our friend Judy for breakfast at IHOP. It's been almost two years since we've seen Judy. Judy's mom was a resident at the independent living senior center where we worked and we got to know Judy when she'd come to visit her mom. She is so much fun to be around and we had a great time catching up.

Right after breakfast, we went by the store to get a couple of grocery items for me so I'd have food at the rig while Linda was gone (with the car). Got the shopping done, dropped me back at the rig and she headed out for Virginia Beach for one last visit with her kids and grandkids. She will return Saturday afternoon...come pick me up and then we have more people to visit in the area.

A few weeks ago, Oprah had been the celebrity anchor on Good Morning America (while Robin is out for her bone marrow transplant) and they had some "deals and steals" on items that she loves. One was a book, called The Untethered Soul - the journey beyond yourself by Michael Singer. I bought it and had it shipped here, to the campground in Mocksville, NC so it would be here when I arrived. It came last week and I started reading it...finished it today What a great book ! It's been a long time since I've picked up a book (can't keep my attention that long) but this one was great. It's about spirituality but it breaks things down into a lot of "Aha" moments and into concepts that you never thought of before. It's a book that would be applicable, whether you believe in God or not, because at the center of each of us is a unifying thread of energy that ties us all together. It covers thoughts from across a spectrum of beliefs but they all boil down to the one universal point of how to obtain the untethered soul. I've never heard of this author, Michael Singer, but his educational training is in economics. He has a nice way of addressing what can sometimes be a hard to understand concept (if you've read any in-depth books on spirituality, you'll know what I mean - sometimes they talk in circles). It's the kind of book that really gets you to thinking and hopefully live life in a more meaningful and "present" manner.

Boomer and I have been enjoying daily walks around the campground and getting things done on the rig. Although he's not much help, he is a great companion while I defrost the frig and wax the rig. I've tackled almost everything on my "to do" list. Linda's back tomorrow night so I will have pictures to post of her trip. Her son-in-law returned from his Navy training (been gone a couple of months) and his family is sure thrilled to have him home. He hasn't had much time at home over the last year, with his wife and kids, so wishing them a wonderful holiday season filled with great family memories together.

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