Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Went to the Hershey RV Show and all I got was a Big Skinny....

Say what ? Yeah, we went to the Hershey RV Show....biggest in the country. Wanted to look at the Newmar Canyon Star toyhauler to size it up to what we have now to see if a contender down the road when my knees don't like crawling up into the loft. Although there are several mechanical aspects that we like such as heat pump option, option for 3rd AC in garage, etc., it has been crossed off the list for several key points that are important to us. With the bolted down step in the garage, it would be really tricky to get a trike in there. The ramp seems a bit on the short side, which makes for a steep entry into the garage. A lady we know had to have some custom ramps made to get her bike into the garage. The living space would not be suitable for our work needs. No space at all to put a printer, unless we put it on the dinette or in the bedroom. Bathroom is really tight and the living space is not laid out nice like our Damon Outlaw so you can easily see the TV. Nope...not on the list any longer. Been there, seen that and it won't work.

While we were walking around inside the arena area, where all the vendors are set up, Linda stopped to talk to a young lady that had wallets for sale. For anyone that knows me, I'm not a purse sort of gal and haven't been for a very long time. I fail to see a reason to carry something so big when I can fit everything I need into my pockets or wallet. It's an easy system..chapstick and keys go in my pockets and credit cards and money go in my wallet. So we listen to this woman talk about her Big Skinny and how great it is and I'm thinking "how different can a wallet be". You be the judge:   My old one is on the one on the right


I was surprised that the 4 section one, like I bought, could fit in my pocket but it does quite easily. It can hold up to 40 credit cards that stay put and won't fall out of their sections. More than once, I've flipped my wallet open and the crap I have in the money section goes flying all over the floor. Aarggh !! So I bought a Big Skinny for $25. The lady showed us a picture of a trucker she sold one to, with before and after pictures of his wallet. His old wallet looked like he carried a huge kaiser roll in his back much stuff in his wallet that it was giving him back pain (I would think he'd have an indentation in his butt the size of a softball carrying something like that around). I got home and moved my stuff over to it:

P9160020 It's still thinner than the leather one even with the old one empty ! I bought the tyvek/nylon one although they do come in leather (It's not every day you can say you saved a cows was my day). Here it is, open and exposed for the whole world to see:

P9160019 (2)

So that was our exciting day at the RV Show. I resisted all the food booths with pierogies, crab cakes and funnel cakes but I succumbed to the Big Skinny lady. Hope you had a productive day...

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Bobbie and Jim said...

I'm going to look up that Big Skinny online for Jim. I wouldn't be able to ignore any food booth with pierogies!