Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our jobs at AGS/TxAd

I've had several comments on our blog, asking what Linda and I do in our jobs. I tried to respond to the comments but it doesn't work. SoP2200007 thought I'd post a little about our jobs here.

We work for AGS Publishing, which is a division of Texas Advertising. We've been with the company since February of 2011. AGS/TXAd hires fulltime RVers and we work with campgrounds all over the US and Canada to create their guest guides. Those are the "maps" that the park gives you when you check in at the office....telling you what site you are in at the park. You'll see there is a section for rules, list of TV channels, etc. Linda and I create those, by working with campground owners and managers. One of us sells the ads (that's me) and the other Linda does the bookwork on the computer and does the mock-up. The mock-up involves figuring out how to fit the various size ads, that I sell, into a useful and attractive guide for the park. We work on commission and receive a complimentary campsite in exchange for doing the guest guide for the campground. The advertisers enable the park to get their guides for free.

Linda and I have been on the road full-time since the fall of 2007. We've had workamping jobs in campgrounds, have worked at Amazon in Coffeyville and have done other jobs. We got tired of always having to "find" our next job when we were workamping. This job is awesome and allows us to see the country, pay our bills, set our own schedule and be our own boss. Since we're too young to retire, we need to work to pay our bills and save for retirement. This job allows us to do that and the great thing is that the scenery changes every two weeks. We got bored sitting at a campground, while doing a workamping job, for an entire season or even a month or two. With this job, we change to a new park usually every 2-3 weeks, which is one of the best things about our work. It's not a job for everyone. It's hard work....but we love what we do and meet awesome business owners around the country. We were Rookies of the Year for 2011 and made the $100,000 Club last year, which means we had $100,000 in sales (and that was for about 8 months of work). I'd be happy to answer anyone's questions about this type of work. Feel free to e-mail me privately at  Life's too short to not enjoy what you do. We're now trainers for AGS and look forward to working with new teams to give them a great jump on an exciting career with our company. We work for an awesome company....a caring husband and wife are the owners of our company and they make us feel like we are a part of a large family. Hope this explains a little about what we do....feel free to e-mail me with any other questions you might have. Here's the company website

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