Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Time




We left Nebraska and made the 1100+ miles in two days to get to my brother's house where we've had our rig since Friday. We left this morning for our next assignment in Gettysburg. I got to spend time with my mom and siblings. Here is a picture with my mom at one of her favorite restaurants...Curly's Chicken House in Elmira, NY. As a family, we've been going to this restaurant since I was a little kid. They have a special way they cook their chicken and have been doing it the same way for the last 57 years. I especially love their cole slaw....never have I tasted cole slaw like what they make. Still tastes like it did when I was a kid.

me and Jim


My brother, Jim and his wife Edie are kicking off their craft show schedule, where they take their honey and maple products along with my mom's candy and jellies and jams. Last night Jim and Edie were making maple candy, in maple leaf forms and getting ready for this coming weekend when they will be headed to a show near Philadelphia. Here are some pics of my mom's candy that she has ready to send this weekend.




P8310048 Peppermint bark and other types of bark.

P8310049 P8310050 Rocky Road clusters on left/Peanut Brittle on right

On our last day at Jim's house, he went out to tend to his bee hives and do some work on them.P9030016









See how he is working with the racks bare handed ? Yes, he did get stung. One of the bees got on his hand and stung him. The wisdom he shared with us was if honeybees get in your hair, they can't get out and it's best to just squash them and kill them in your hair. He gave us quite an education on how the pesticides that companies such as Monsanto and others are using on their crops, it is having devastating effects on bee populations. There are synthetic pesticides that are not killing bees immediately upon contact but having lingering effects. He said that after much denial, among government officials and big companies such as Monsanto, that they are now fessing up and admitting to their use. Genetically modified seeds are also a product with huge repercussions for humans and animals. I'm proud that my baby brother is up on these issues and concerned enough to educate himself on them. As a person who loves nature and works with nature to produce wonderful food products that are natural and good for us, he takes the time to understand what is affecting the nature that he loves. We really enjoyed our time there but like all good things, it came to an end too soon.

While I was with my family, Linda took the trike and went to her son, Chad's house in Williamsport to surprise the grandkids. She spent two days there with them over the weekend and had a great time. They are coming to camp with us in a couple of weeks, which they will really enjoy.


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