Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We There Yet ?

Since our new job will have us traveling every couple of weeks to any part of the country, I wanted to add a map and weather widget to our blog so our friends can see where we are and what the weather is like there. Hopefully it will let us connect with our friends as we travel about the country. The new widgets are currently showing Montgomery, TX as our location since I was messing around with it and inserted the new widget with this location. Don't panic....we're not there yet but I'm too lazy to change it right now. We are still in North Carolina...will leave here on Sunday and make our way Texas.

Been finishing up last minute things. Washed the rig today. Did more sorting and throwing out. Bought some groceries, filled up with diesel (price is going up), organized the basement and went out to lunch. Also had to buy a new spigot for the kitchen faucet. Luckily the Moen brand faucet we have, has a replaceable screw-on faucet. Lowe's stocks it in chrome and white. Our original fixture is in brushed nickel so we went with the chrome...not too big of a difference.

  Busy day...I'm exhausted ! Weather was/is awesome today. Thermometer showed 68 went we were downtown. I'll take it !! Calling for warmer weather tomorrow for our trip up to Virginia Beach. Should be a nice day for a drive. We have just a few hours tomorrow to finish up things around the rig, since we'll be gone till Saturday night. Then we pull out Sunday morning.

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