Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trip to the Beach

On Friday we decided to drive to the coast to hang out at the beach for the afternoon. We drove to Wrightsville Beach, which took us about 3.5 hours. The temps were around 40 degrees so not too bad. The sun felt warm and little to no breeze so it was pretty comfortable.

While walking with Boomer on the beach, we met a young man who had his dog out for a walk. Clarence and Boomer hit it off right away and we took Boomer off his leash so they could play and chase each other around. It was so cute to watch them tearing after each other at the water's edge and then come running back towards us. Clarence would look back over his shoulder as if to say, "Are you coming ?" Clarence's daddy told us he came to Wrightsville to attend college. We learned later over lunch that there are two colleges in town. The young lady, who was our waitress for lunch, is attending one of these colleges to become a CNA.

Speaking of lunch, we had a good one at Dave's Deli. Had a hot veggie sub with home-made potato chips dusted with seasoning and some ranch dressing to dunk them in. Everything was really yummy.

After we ate we drove over to one of the properties in Wilmington, NC that is like ours. They have the same color scheme and furniture that we do but the lay out of the building is quite a bit different. Their building is 22 years old....ours is 9 years old. Hmmmm....That carpet pattern and furniture fabric must have some good staying power to hang around that long. After a quick look around their building we started back home. Got back about 9:30...Not much happened today. Watching the Steelers tonight....go Ben !

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