Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow + South = All Things Stop

Well storm number 2 passed through the south and we got a whopping 1.5" of snow with a little glaze of ice on top, which means that all things came to a grinding halt. If it weren't for our four housekeepers/servers calling off this morning, it might be humorous. All schools are still closed tomorrow even though we received no additional accumulation today. Amazing how everything down here closes at the slightest hint of a snow storm coming. Shops, schools, colleges, bus lines, etc. People are scared to death to try to drive in the snow so they just stay home. Thank goodness there are some "northern folks" that work here that will actually come in to work. Linda and I went out to supper, when we got off work, and the roads were bare. We don't go in until 11:30 tomorrow so we'll see if it's a repeat performance of today. Linda had the foresight to schedule three other employees to come in this morning, as we anticipated the call offs. One of the women stayed overnight in the guest suite so we'd be sure to have her here this morning. They got most of the work done but not all. Enough with snow....we'd had all we want to see this winter. Mother Nature has forgotten that the white stuff should stay north....far, far north of here.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

It always amuses me when I hear how the South has shut down because of maybe an inch or two of snow. Here in NE that amount is nothing and even with lots more, it's usually the wind causing major drifting or dangerous wind chills that gets school called off. People just dig out, get in their vehicles and go to work like usual. My niece lives in TN and she gets so frustrated when school gets closed for two days because of a light skiff of snow. She also talks about Southerners playing car hockey when there's an inch or two of snow or a little bit of ice.