Saturday, January 8, 2011


Linda and I had heard that the Bodies Revealed exhibit was in nearby Greensboro, NC and since the museum was closed last weekend, we went this weekend. I wasn't sure how well I'd like it, although I'm always fascinated by muscle definition and the discipline it takes to get it. The exhibit was really neat !
There were quite a few whole human bodies, each in a
different pose with the muscles and cartilage exposed. Some had cutaway areas to show the heart and internal organs. There were also exhibits of diseased organs, which didn't look like I thought they would. Instead of a cancerous spot being black or really obvious, in several instances it looked very similar to the organ color or was a white spot. The exhibit was part of the Museum of Natural Science and there were other things to see and do, like the animal exhibit.

Isn't this Alpaca just the cutest thing you've ever seen ? I feel like I want to put lipstick on those pursed lips.

All while we were walking through the outside display area, there was a large turkey following us. We'd be walking to the next display area and we'd hear the scraping of the turkey's feet as it was scampering along behind us. Having lived on a dairy farm with geese in the pasture, I kept an eye on my heels to make sure the turkey wasn't going to nip me in the heels or calves as I walked.
The tigers enjoyed watching the turkey, as we approached. I think maybe they thought it was feeding time or something.
This guy was having a bad hair day !     

We enjoyed our time at the museum and then went to the North Carolina RV show that was nearby. There were a few large Class A's in the parking lot and many more inside the two buildings. We saw a Endura super C that had a really nice layout that felt surprisingly spacious. There was a huge skylight over the drivers cab/bunk area that would be perfect for watching the aurora borealis lights in Alaska or a crystal clear night with lots of stars. It was fun to get out and see some rigs although none of them felt as homey as ours does. We miss being on the road but are making the best of our temporary detour. We went to get some things out of our rig today and she looked so lonely sitting on the site...closed up and cold.
The weather here over the next couple of days might be nasty. We're watching to see if there is snow in the forecast for Monday or Tuesday, as we know that means no employees will show up for work. Ugh !!

We've been training a couple for the last two weeks, who will ultimately go to another property in North Carolina. They've been fun to work with. The residents had a "fruitcake toss" the other day that they helped with and the residents had so much fun. They had to toss fruitcake bricks off the 3rd and 2nd floors, trying to get them into tubs on the ground floor. I couldn't believe so many people participated in the event !
Once all the throwing was completed from the upper levels, they came to the ground floor to try and get the fruitcake into squares on the floor with number values. It was a lot of fun, although I told our enrichment coordinator that I would not donate my mom's fruitcake for the contest. I love her fruitcake (actually called English Christmas cake) and hoard any that she gives me. She makes it with real candied fruit, wraps the finished product in cheesecloth soaked in brandy and I love it !

The fruit cake they used for the contest turned into mush after taking multiple falls from the third story...good thing for saran wrap to hold it all together.

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