Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Rain Stopped (Sort of)...

It stops and then it starts again....that's been the scenario all day. First thing this morning Linda and I went out and cleaned up the downed tree. The base of the tree was too heavy to carry too far so we lifted it out of the road and left it till I can get my chainsaw out and cut it up. (I knew that chainsaw would come in handy on the road...LOL) With that done, we then moved on to the task of figuring out if we could fix the entrance gate. It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not being whipped by torrential winds and pelted by heavy rain. I figured out that the set screw in the shaft had made the moving arm slip and that is why the gate would not operate correctly. With tools in hand and Linda to help me, we got the arm realigned and I tightened the screw...Voila' worked !! 

Was feeling pretty good that we had accomplished several things and then the exit gate decided to act up. A guy typed in his code to exit...the gate opened and then it wouldn't close. I studied it all day and can't figure out what is wrong with it. There are several different gate systems that our company uses and this is one we've never worked with before (Falcon). I don't know any of the tips or tricks with this system to get it to work. Maybe the assistant managers will know something about it when they come in to work in the morning.

As soon as we got our outdoor tasks done, then the rain started again. Actually a thunderstorm ! Boomer was in the rig and ya know his fondness for thunderstorms. Well, I turned on the TV (to try and drown out the clap of thunder)...let him listen to Wayne Newton's life story, gave him a treat and left hoping he wouldn't wig out.

You can see that the water level is receding.....the ducks are losing their gathering place.

One of the ways that we advertise our move-in specials is to use an A-frame sign that holds a 2' x 3' sign on each side of it. This A-frame sign is normally located out front, by the road, but Linda had to bring it in yesterday when the wind played havoc with it and we had lost the sign from the one side. I went out to the pond to clear the spillway of leaves and such and guess what I found.

The wind had picked the sign up, wayyyyy up...over the office and fence and apparently it landed in the pond out back.....then it flowed to the spillway and got caught there...Too funny !! It was intact too...I thought when I pulled it out of there that it would have been broken up but it wasn't. I couldn't believe it !

The day went quickly..our short day. We closed at 3 and now have the next two days off. Whew ! The rain is scheduled to quit just in time for our return to work on Wednesday. Yep...figures.

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