Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Days Off...

This area of NJ is still recuperating from the big storm over the weekend. According to the local news, many people are still without power and from our travels in this area, many trees came down. We took Boomer back to the dog park today and we were astounded by the number of trees that were toppled in the wind. There were a lot of lucky people too as most of the trees we saw fell away from their houses. A tenant, that stopped in Sunday to move out of her unit, said that travel was horrible....so many detours due to power lines and trees down. We can believe it after seeing the aftermath today.

Today we went to get our RV tire replaced...the one where all the tread came off. We were nearing the one month anniversary of when it happened and I had to get the road hazard claim turned in within 30 days for it to be valid. We didn't have to wait very long at all for them to put it on the rim. We will go back and get the other three on the rig replaced once it is time for us to leave here. It was too tough getting our rig in here that we won't take it out of here until we have to. The Goodyear shop will hold the tires for us (once they get them in) until we're ready for them. I got all the paperwork sent off to the extended warranty folks and Goodyear....The road hazard folks have approved us for a reimbursement of $346...not quite the full amount that we had to pay but it sure helps. I was sure to check the production date on the tire....4409. For those of you not familiar with RV'ing, it is really crucial that the tires you buy for your rig are "fresh". All tires are stamped with a DOT code. In the instance of ours...4409 means that they were made in the 44th week of 2009 so this tire is 5 months old. That is good....I had told him that I didn't want one older than 6 months old. If it had come in older than that, he would have sent it back and requested another one. Our current tires are the original ones, that came on the rig, so they are around 4 years old. RV tires are different from car tires in that they need to be replaced when they get to a certain age, regardless of the amount of wear on the tire. What age that is, is a source of much discussion on the forums....it can be anywhere from 4 years - 6 years. It's all in your perspective I guess or as Dirty Harry says, "Do ya feel lucky ?" When a tire blows it can do thousands of dollars in damage. We were lucky with our tire.....since we had to replace that one, we'll get them all replaced to keep the tread wear even on all of them.

Over the weekend, one of those shopper magazines was delivered here at work and Linda found a nice coupon in there for a local dentist that we went today and checked out. The deal is you get x-rays, a cleaning and an exam for $75. Says that bill of goods usually runs $200+ and since it's been a couple of years since either of us have been to the dentist, we thought it a good deal. (Not as good as our friends experience when they go to Mexico for dental work but good by U.S. standards.) I must say that the lack of dental coverage is one of the things I wish we had at this job (or any job for that matter). I had it when I worked at the college and I think it's one of those things you take for granted until you don't have it and have to pay the whole shot yourself. Nothing that you get done at the dentist is cheap ! Well, we have appointments for next Monday and since Linda is the wienie when it comes to "going to the dentist", we've already decided that she'll go first. I might have to bribe her with some Chunky Monkey ice cream to be a good girl and not fuss or squirm for the doc. LOL

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