Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our New Favorite Restaurant....

Tonight after work we wanted to go to a restaurant near us that is always packed with cars to check it out. It's called..Omega Diner and is about 2 miles from us. We didn't have the camera with us so pics this trip. Linda and I each had deluxe veggie burgers that came with cole slaw and fries but we substituted sweet potato fries. There were two thick slices of tomato and some leaf lettuce to top off the burger. Everything was great. We were really stuffed so eating dessert, right then and there, was out of the question. We got a tiramisu to go : ) They have an extensive menu, a great bakery case filled with delectable choices and they serve breakfast ALL day. All of the meals come with soup, salad, vegetable, potato and jello, rice pudding or ice cream for dessert. Wow, this will be a fun place to go when we're hungry.

One more day to go before our days off. Today was sporadic with customers. Weather was the mid 70's. Today it's been three weeks since we started working at this location. Today, mid 70's and gorgeous. Last Saturday, hurricane force winds and torrential rains. Our first Saturday, blizzard conditions with over 20" of snow. What is it with this NJ weather ? Talk about running the gamut.....can't get much different than that in the span of a couple weeks....Holy cow ! We will definitely take more of today's weather....the types from the previous weeks can just hit the road and never come back !

Remember the pond out back that was brimming full during the storm last weekend. Here's what it usually looks like....the sun was pretty as it started to set behind the pond so I snapped this picture.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

OK, so where is the photo of the sun setting over the pond? Did you forget to insert it? Weather this year has been crazy all over the country. Right now it is beautifully warm and sunny in Arizona. Miss you both! Bobbie