Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lousy in Rahway....

The thermometer continues to is now 39 degrees outside. Ick !! I hope we don't wake up to snow....I'm not ready to cross from fall into full-blown winter just yet. It's kind of depressing and they are saying we have several more days of this.

In the world of work, we are kind of climbing on top of the workload here. After changing 70 fluorescent bulbs, the place is well lit and looking good although it seems that changing them could be a daily task.....I keep finding burnt out fixtures each day.

What would you guess are some of the items that I find on the floor of units when I clean them up after someone has moved out ? Screws are a biggie.....can't figure out why we, as a people, carry around lots of screws and end up losing them. I've met alot of people who's screws are loose but haven't quite fallen out yet. These are a dangerous item for me to find, especially when they are in the parking lot. But get what else I find alot of ? Q-tips.....strewn on the floor after someone has moved out. Who stores Q-tips ? What is so valuable about a pack of q-tips that it's worth storing ? Or why don't people put them in containers so they don't wind up on the floor. Makes me chuckle every time I find them in a unit. I also hope and pray that they are new ones I'm finding and that someone isn't warped enough to carry around used ones cause by the time they've rolled around on a dusty floor, they are dirty so who knows........
People, go to the Dollar Store and find yourself a little container to put them in so I don't have to sweep them up off the floor.

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