Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Energy Everywhere.....

As I mentioned in last night's post, Linda and I went for a drive with my mom so she could show us some things around the area. Turns out that there is a huge windmill project underway just over the hill from my mom's place. They are putting up something like 65 windmills on the ridge above route 6. How exciting !! Linda and I love seeing the windmills as we drive across the mid-west and now it will be in our own state of Pennsylvania (and our backyard). Mom said that they may actually add another 35 to this first batch. The power generated from these windmills is supposed to be enough to provide all the power needed for Tioga and Bradford county.

The other thing that Mom wanted to show us were the Marcellus Shale rigs all set up....extracting natural gas from the ground. This is a really big deal for Tioga and Bradford county and many people will become really wealthy as a result of it. Initially geologists didn't think that Marcellus Shale was going to yield great amounts of gas but they were wrong. Due to a new technology of vertical drilling and fracturing the rock, they are able to extract the gas AND it is yielding high volumes of gas. This is wonderful news for the northeast where highly populated cities will benefit. If you'd like to read more on this fascinating technology and promising energy source, go here. You'll find some great info and maps there. I'd love to see one of these wells close enough to my mom that she'd either get royalties from drilling nearby or money from the pipeline right of way.

I always knew there was something in the water.....Growing up on our farm next door, I always thought it odd that our tap water was flammable....yep, that's right you could light it on fire. First thing in the morning my mom could hold a match to the end of the faucet and the first time she'd turn it on, the water would ignite. Weird, huh ! A great party trick to impress your friends.

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