Saturday, December 20, 2008

The sun has set on our Coffeyville experience....

We are packing up the rig and sending off last minute e-mails before we hook up and go to work. We are taking the rig with us to work and then once we finish up (around 9 p.m.) we will hit the road. We are excited and have been chomping at the bit for the last couple of days to get movin' again. We are exhausted and our bodies are beat up. We are better for the experience (I think)and met many wonderful people here that we hope to stay in touch with and meet up with as our paths cross "down the road".
We are heading back to PA, on the heels of a nasty winter storm which has dumped quite a bit of snow on the area where we are headed. Hoping that the roads ahead of us are cleared as we get there. Gonna take our time to allow for that to happen. Not sure when we will have internet access but will post a note as soon as I'm able to let you all know we arrived safe and sound.

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