Monday, December 8, 2008

Currently in Smith Center...

We are currently in Smith Center, Kansas getting warranty work done on our rig. Saturday, before leaving for work we got the rig ready, hitched up and then rode in to work with friends of ours. Once we finished our 11 hour shift we got in and headed out for here. It took us 7.25 hours to get here so arrived at 12;15 unhooked, settled in...had some lunch and then took a two hour nap (which was way too short). We were afraid we wouldn't be able to sleep the night if we slept too long so we got up and came into the lounge to hang out for a while and use the internet (which didn't end up working).

Met a nice couple that were watching the Sunday night football game...Jerry and Ann. Had a great time talking with them. We're going to go see a movie tonight with them here in town. "The Express" is playing here in town....the story of Ernie Davis..first black winner of Heismann trophy and who is from Elmira, NY..back home. The local high school, in Elmira is named after him. Neat how we are half way across the country and will get to see a film, we've been wanting to see, about a guy from back home.

Work on the rig needs to be done by end of day tomorrow as we need to back to work Wednesday. Are hoping to start back tomorrow night and arrive Wed morning so we have time to rest and relax before going in for work. This week will be the busiest of the whole time...they expect to ship 1.5 million units from our facility this week. Just two weeks to go....yippee !!

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Movable Book Lady said...

You'd better get back here soon -- I'm about to blow away!