Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Funny how the best plans get screwed up when you're not expecting it. We are still in Smith Center, waiting for our rig to get finished. Luckily one of the service men found a problem with our bedroom slideout that they are now dealing with. Seems that the caulking was bad around the base of the slideout and the floor is rotten. To fix it they have to remove the whole slide out and replace the floor. A two day job.....so now we will miss two days of work, stay in an area motel (at Excel's expense)and wait for it to get done. Luckily it was caught while the rig is still under warranty. We also had them check the grey water tank to see why it was dripping the last time it was full. Seems there is a crack in the area where the waste line comes out of it. They are gluing the crack to see if that will fix it. If that doesn't work, then they will have to replace the tank and Lord knows how much longer we'll be here. Are we having fun yet ??

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