Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pittsburg, Texas

We moved yesterday from Tyler and are now staying at the Barefoot Bay MarinadDGK grad dinner and Resort in Pittsburg. Our site is next to Lake Sandlin, which is a cute little lake. The temps today are in the 70’s but the cool breeze makes it seem a little on the chilly side. I will take it over the snow and sleet our families are having back home. Hard to believe it’s the end of March by the way the weather is acting back east. We spent last week training a new team for our company and had a great time getting to know them. They are super excited about the opportunity ahead of them to travel the country, while working with campgrounds, providing the important service of creating guest guides for the campgrounds. Deb and Gavin picked up all of the info really quickly and Deb is going to be an awesome sales person. We took them out for their graduation dinner, to a place called Clear Springs Seafood and the food was amazing. I had fried shrimp and it was cooked perfectly. Linda had catfish and it was also very good. An appetizer that we ordered was called “Stingers” and it was a jalapeno (it wasn’t hot) and it was stuffed with shrimp and catfish, lightly breaded and fried. They gave us home-made ranch dressing to dip it in. It was really, really good. The prices and service were great and it’s certainly a restaurant I’d go to again. We look forward to working with Deb and Gavin in the coming year to grow their business and get them off to a great start.
Last week we got together with Cindy, who I volunteered with at White Violet Center and had lunch with her. She is in Texas visiting family before returning to Minnesota where she is a minister. We had a great time catching up about her last month at White Violet. I was sorry to hear that there is another alpaca who is dealing with what appears to be the meningeal worm issue. So sad to hear about that and hope that it turns out well for her. It is the same alpaca that laid down and couldn’t get up easily, on my last day at WVC.
This coming week we’ll be working in the northeast corner of Texas….in the Texarkana area. It’s neat to travel to all of our member campgrounds and talk to them about their marketing needs and what changes they’ve made or are making to their campgrounds. I really enjoy chatting with them. One of the ones I went to this past week does a lot of wedding receptions in a large, cedar barn they have at the back of the property. What a gorgeous facility ! White lights strung across the rafters and chandeliers hanging from the beams. It was a truly magical place to hold a reception and with that country charm. So neat to see the creativity of these entrepreneurs and the things they do to set themselves apart from others. Linda is going in with me too, which has been really fun. She does the paperwork and jumps in to help with the marketing pitch. We make a great tag team !
Hope everyone has a great week. Don’t get suckered into any April Fool’s day pranks on Tuesday….stay sharp !

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Glad to hear you are doing well back on the road. Happy to hear Linda B is joining you on sales calls...she has a lot of talents to share and be a powerful tag-team member. Can't wait to see you both in Colorado.