Sunday, March 16, 2014

On The Move In Texas

  We finished our training at the home office and are now traveling throughout the northern part of Texas, called Region 2, and working on the Texas Camping Guide. We arrived at Mill Creek Ranch Resort on Friday. This RV park is gorgeous....wide sites with lots of green grass. Last night bad storms went through the area and we got over an inch of rain. We'll be staying here, in Canton, Texas, till March 22 and then we'll move to the Tyler area. We work in Region 2 until around May 10 and then we'll be heading to Breckenridge, CO to work an RV resort there that we've done for several years. 
    Our summer schedule changes drastically after Colorado. The team that was going to do parks across Alaska this summer left the company for another opportunity so we are going to take their schedule. Wahoo! We're excited to be going to Alaska for three months. I was there in 1995 but have wanted to take Linda there to see the magnificent scenery so now we get to do that and work while we're there.We'll get back home to the east coast to see our families around mid-Sept. 
    We also got great news from my son recently. He and his
girlfriend are expecting my first grandchild. There's gonna be another place setting at the Thanksgiving table this year. LOL...Kelly's due date is October 29, which is the day after my birthday and two days before my grandmother's. Woohoo ! Exciting times ahead in our work and in our family. 

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Bobbie and Jim said...

So happy about your going to Alaska and get paid to do it. That is definitely a win-win situation.