Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time With Mom

Linda and I covered the 2100 miles from Jackson, Wyoming back to Pennsylvania in four short days. We tried to get on the road around 7:00 each morning and pretty much drove until almost dark every day. Long days but it really helped that Linda and I took turns driving every couple of hours. When we got to Lamar, on I-80, we unhooked the car and Linda headed out for her family's July 4th function in New Jersey. I continued on to my brother's place, outside of Mansfield and got the rig set up. Such a great view, overlooking the valley below. He has a 50 amp hook-up in the sugar shack so we're in great shape. I dumped our tanks at the Flying J, in Lamar, and our water tank was already full. We should be fine for the whole 5 weeks I'm here, if the rig stays here that whole time. I take my showers down at my mom's and I'm only at the rig late afternoons till the next morning. Not sure what all of Linda's plans are. She's trying to get time in with the grandkids before they go back to school next month.

I've been busy, helping my mom with stuff around her house. She has a huge yard that she mows and lots of flower beds. It's a lot for anyone to maintain but she's going to be 88 yrs old in a couple weeks and it's especially hard for her to get it all done. I've been trying to paint her three porches and railings but I get chased off by almost daily rain showers. I hope to finish the railings tomorrow and start painting the deck surface on Friday. I bought some of the new Rescue It product that has been advertised on TV. Actually what you've seen is called "Restore" but I learned that PA and NY don't like the formulation of the Restore product (something about the oil based nature of it or some such thing)so it had to be reformulated for here. It's a product that fills large cracks in weathered deck boards and also creates a non-skid surface. Mom picked out a really pretty color so I'm anxious to see it all come together....if it would only stop raining.   :(  I'll post some pictures once it's done. That reminds me that I should take some "before" and "after" pictures so we can see the difference that this paint might make.

Weather has been quite warm but after experiencing 112 degree temps in Utah, it really doesn't feel that warm. It is more humid than out west but my sinuses and skin love it. Tonight it's calling for a chance of severe thunderstorms up until 10 p.m. I hope that is the last batch of rain for a while.

Linda is spending this week with her oldest son in Williamsport, shuttling the grandkids to vacation bible school and activities. Next week she's heading to Virginia Beach to see the other grandkids. Mom has been letting me drive her car, while Linda uses our car to see family. It's worked out great since Mom only lives about three miles from where our rig my brother's place.

Five and a half weeks till I leave for my internship....lots to do until then. No internet here and really sketchy cell service. I had to take my laptop and go over town this morning to get caught up on e-mails. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer weather with family and friends. Make the most of it...before you know it, fall will be here.


NE1NH said...

Hello Linda

Will you be continuing with the AGS Job after your internship. .

Don Gelinad

Movable Book Lady said...

We had an inch of rain just yesterday, and it's now rare to have a day without rain. We're all growing mold here in WNC. We're leaving here 8/28 heading for New Paltz NY and leaving there on 9/3 heading for Pittsburgh, so 9/4 or 9/5 will be road days. I'll send LB an email with more details later. Have a great time with your mom and LB w/her family.