Monday, July 15, 2013

Decked Out....

deck before

I've been at Mom's for a little over a week and the weather did not cooperate with my first project. I told Mom that I was going to paint her three porches and the railings, when I came home. Mom and Dad moved into this house 27 years ago and the deck surfaces have never been painted so you can imagine how weathered the boards were. Some were in really bad shape. She has a front porch, side porch and a large back deck that was 8' x 20'...a total of 272 sq ft of surface area (not counting the steps). I used the Olympic "Rescue It" product and she picked out a blue color from the 100+ color choices.The railings are painted white. After several days of start and stop, due to rain showers or anticipated showers, I finally finished up on Thursday. Here is the the "after" shot of the big deck.Moms deck In this picture, I hadn't removed the painter's tape yet from the bottom of the posts but the deck turned out really nice. Mom loves it. Her wood is protected and it will give longevity to it before the boards will need to be replaced. There is also a non-skid finish to the paint so it won't be slippery when it gets wet. I have a little area to do some day on the end of the deck. We had to get a trellis to support her clematis bush so I could get it away from the side of the deck so I can get in there and paint it. Won't take only but a few minutes to take care of.

Porches and railings painted....check.


Bobbie and Jim said...

Paint job looking really good.

Gayle Giles said...

Looks really nice Linda and you are a very good daughter. I would claim you for a daughter anytime.
Hugs, Gayle